Brands & Agencies


We have comprehensive data of everyday car users who are willing to earn a little extra cash by putting ads on their car. These drivers are in different location within the city, giving brands the options of selecting drivers within a particular location where their brand needs exposure.


Drivertise is very cautious about the brand image control of clients; therefore we hold all our drivers to a high standard . Some of our quality control measures include:
  • Drivers must have a valid driver license
  • Drivers must have a clean driving record
  • Cars admitted on the platform have a minimum manufacturing date of the year 2000 and must be in good condition
  • Drivers are made to understand that they are brand ambassadors and are made to sign a code of conduct contract.


Compatibility is key to our campaign activations. We match drivers to brands they can identify with and brands can choose drivers based on the cars they drive and locations they regularly commute in.


We have created a campaign which we have tagged ‘Flock’. Under this package, a motorcade of cars carrying same brand campaigns move together around the city.


Drivertise provides a tracking platform for brands with reports on the location and miles of all cars for the extent of client’s campaign in order to verify performance of all drivers.