Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together a list of common questions.

Drivertise is an advertising company that pays everyday drivers to place removable advertisements on their cars.
Applying is simple. Interested drivers visit and click on “DRIVERS APPLICATON”. It is a quick and simple application that allows Drivertise to better understand your driving patterns and your car.
No. This service is free to join and always will be.
- Everyday driver.
- Clean driving record.
- Own a 2000 model car and above.
- 21 years of age and above .
- A valid driver’s license.
This is completely dependent upon our partnering advertisers, when and where they are looking to run campaigns. As soon as there is a potential match between your driving profile and an interested brand, we will get in touch with you through email.
Qualified drivers earn at least N30, 000 /month for the duration of the campaign. All drivers have to do is drive as they normally would.
They are adhesive, made of vinyl specifically used for cars. The vinyl will not damage your car - it comes off very clean and actually protects your cars paint.
It depends upon the campaign, but the majority of the time we will do side wraps and the rear window.
Our campaigns typically run anywhere between 1 - 6 months.
Drivertise makes sure that a tracking device is installed in every car. Through the tracking device, Drivertise gets an analytic report of the kilometers covered daily and monthly by the Drivertiser and the report is also given to our partnering brands and agencies.
Drivertisers are safe daily drivers, who want to make additional income for driving around with a brand on their car. Its income for doing something they are already doing – driving. More specifically our Drivertisers are a collection of esteemed members who support the brand they are driving.
Drivertise uses a strong deterrent – if our Drivertisers commit an act of reckless or aggressive driving, they are immediately removed from the campaign. They registered with Drivertise to make additional income and they have a strong incentive not to drive carelessly.

We educate the surrounding community as to what the relationship is between the driver, the brand on the car and Drivertise. We do this by placing a small Drivertise sticker on the back of every car along with a “How’s my driving” sticker. It’s important for viewers to know that this is a Drivertiser carrying a brand on their car. This way the risk of brand reputation being impacted by a Drivertiser falls back on Drivertise, not our partnering brand.

After Drivertise conducts our interview and screening process, we speak with every one of our drivers emphasizing the importance of safe driving and representing a brand.
If an accident occurs our drivers promptly notify Drivertise which in turn gets passed back to the client. The sticker is removed from the car and a replacement driver is used for the duration of the campaign.
The legal arrangement Drivertise structures with its’ Drivertisers is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our client’s brand (you) on the car. We explicitly state that Drivertisers are never to drive around for the sake of advertising - this ensures that Drivertiser’s motor insurance cover stays intact. If an accident occurs, the Drivertiser’s motor insurance cover is in effect because they were driving for personal reasons; not for commercial reasons.
You tell us the geographical area you’re looking to target and the quantity of Drivertisers you want to include. We will select the appropriate Drivertisers that match your criteria.
We do not encourage our brand partners to give us marketing material that we can give to your campaign’s Drivertisers. Drivertise is not a marketing street force program so the Drivertisers are not obligated to pass out marketing material.
Drivertise charges monthly based upon a fixed price per car for every car in your Drivertise campaign. We encourage you to reach out to us for specific pricing regarding your next campaign.