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Drivertise is a social enterprise that promotes businesses by pairing them with everyday car users, who use their car as a medium of advertising, thereby earning extra income.

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Brand visibility

Advertisements on vechicle are actually more noticeable, more memorable than traditional forms of advertising.

Cost Effectiveness
Car advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers, therefore giving brands value for their money.
Real-time Data

Drivertise provides your ad campaign result in numeric form and analytic report which help brand understand the needs of their customers.

Never go unnoticed

Reach a wider range of your target audience on a daily basis in different locations. with our unique packages

How to become a drivertiser​

It is seamless becoming a drivertiser. All requirements are already a must-have as a driver which makes sign-up easier for the drivers.

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Get your car wrapped​
Drive and start earning